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How much do you spend a MONTH on a life’s essentials?

Takeaways / Restaurants / Eating Out

Hair & Beauty




How much do you spend a MONTH on the things you love doing?

Fitness & Leisure

Nightlife & Bars


How much do you spend a YEAR on occasional things?

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Would you like to learn to drive this year? if so check here:


  1. Sarah Horner

    Wow! According to the Student Savings Calculator I can save over £300 on driving lessons! That’s a massive help towards insurance. Thank you so much for sorting this discount.

  2. Paul Adams

    Two curries a month plus gym membership – saves me £135 a year. Pays for my student advantage card 20 times over!

  3. Lisa Rogerson

    Just checking how much I could save. With the basic things I do regularly I can save £355.80. Any clothes or days out on top will save me more. This is the best student card.

  4. Charlotte Wesley

    I’m having so much fun working out how much I can save on different stuff. Hair alone is £54. Gym is £60 a year. This card give the best student saving offers ever!

  5. Pete Dean

    £10 a month student discount just on pizza. That means a free pizza a month!

  6. Catherine Dyer

    Unbelievable. Just on the things I already do regularly, I can save over £40 a month. For a card that cost me £3 that’s pretty impressive.

  7. Alexandra Bevins

    Just checking out my savings on the student savings calculator. I knew it would help but I didn’t realise how much it would save me until now. It’s the equivalent of 2 hours bar work a month.

  8. Darren Bosworth

    I’ve been trying to work out my student saving with my card so this calculator’s a great help. I’m still getting over how much I actually do and can save every month. It’s twice as much as I thought it would be.

  9. Tony McElroy

    I’ve used the student savings calculator to work out my savings. Cost of card – £7. Monthly savings £53. Over my whole course that’s around £2000. That’s some serious money saved.

  10. Lisa Clough

    I already knew my Student Advantage card was saving me money then I checked exactly how much. I don’t really go on day trips or go to the gym, so just on hair, food and clothes I’m saving £15 every month minimum.

  11. Paul Stanton

    I’ve been trying to work out what I need to spend before I can recover the cost of my card. One pizza, one month gym and I’ve got it back already. Over 3 years that’ll represents a huge student saving.

  12. Carla Till

    This calculator just goes to prove the excellent value for money the student card really is. It’s so easy to use it and not think about how much you’re spending and saving so seeing my actual saving in print has shocked me, but in a good way.

  13. Julia Alderton

    I am a bit of a shopaholic. Shoes, hair, clothes, gifts, perfume, I just can’t resist. The calculators told me I’d save £16 a month, which means my student discount gives me more to shop with.

  14. Jenny Mawer

    The student discounts that are on this card are better than I thought when I signed up for my card. I didn’t realise how much I was spending until I worked out I was saving £39.80 a month. That’s starting to show now in my bank account as well.

  15. Lee Cook

    A lot of people offer student discounts, but this just shows how these discounts are so much better than all the rest. Over my one year course, I can save over £500. I’m so impressed.

  16. Lorna Johnstone

    If anyone says to me, ‘I won’t use a Student Advantage Card if I had one,’ I send them to this calculator. Soon as they work out how much they really will save they sign up there and then.

  17. Michelle Krause

    Student Advantage Card + student savings calculator = one very happy student indeed. I was trying to keep track of how much I really was saving. Now I can and I’m over the moon.

  18. Krystal Sykes

    I had to do the calculation 3 times before I accepted my annual student savings were in the region of £600. I’m surprised I spend that much, even though it’s everyday stuff, and I’m stunned how much this card saves me.

  19. Darren O'Shea

    My mate said he wouldn’t save any money with a student advantage card. I pointed him to this calculator. He just put in one pizza, one burger and immediately it showed he’d be in profit. He lives off pizza and burgers so he got his card there and then.

  20. Mark Hall

    This student savings calculator is my favourite new toy. I’ve broken down how much I save on things individually. Hair and nails alone is £81 over the year.

  21. Debbie Taylor

    Whenever I use my card I put the money I saved in a tin. I counted it up then used the calculator to work out my student saving. Calculator said I should have £91.75. I’ve got just over £100. I’ve put that in a savings account now.

  22. Ian Woodard

    Mention student discounts and I’m there! I put my details in the calculator and without the driving lessons I can save £30.25 a month! Once I added the driving lessons on I almost fell off the chair! That’s a huge saving that can really help towards a car or some insurance.

  23. Ashley Cooper

    My addiction to Burger King Whoppers can save me a whopping £5 a month. That’s another Whopper! And I get to save on other things too with the student advantage card.

  24. Jeanine Thomas

    This card takes student discounts to a whole new level. In one year I can save £747 and that’s without any gifts I buy or pc repairs.

  25. Maria Chambers

    Saving with my card just got a lot more fun. The student savings calculator means I can physically see how much I have saved or how much I can save. Pays for itself 100 times over.

  26. Paul McGuigan

    I like surfing and karting. According to the calculator my student card saves me enough for a free session every couple of months. Well worth getting the card for.

  27. Yvonne Boyd

    £44.25 a month in student savings is £531 a year. That’s just with my regular activities. If I get anything else as an extra then I’ll save more. 100% happy with my card.

  28. Cheryl Cooke

    The student savings calculator shows exactly why you can’t afford to not have a card. I save over £30 a month and I don’t use a gym or go out much. I’ll save more closer to Christmas because I’ll use it to get all my presents as well.

  29. Darcy Nicholls

    Student advantage card you are simply the best! According to the calculator I can save over £1000 in 2 years. That’s money that can be put to good use saving for when I need to get things towards finding and starting a job.

  30. Molly Watts

    I’ve been looking to find out exactly how much my student savings will be. I’ve underestimated my spending because I do more some weeks than others, but even then I can save £27.75 every month. Reality is I’ll probably spend more.

  31. Kristine Nelson

    I’ve worked out how much I save with the student discounts. It means I can buy books and other course materials a lot easier now. £41.75 a month is a massive help with some left over.

  32. Annie McDowell

    So I worked out my food, hair, clothes, mobile, gym and driving lessons. My overall student discount for this year will be £839.80! That’s unbelievable! I’m so happy!

  33. David Gilmartin

    My bank manager thanks you. I thank you. These student discounts mean the difference between being in the red and stopping in the black. I can save £50.25 a month.

  34. Lea Ashton

    Very impressed with the amount I just worked out I can save. £753.20 over a year. Puts the price of the student advantage card totally in to perspective

  35. George McLaughlin

    I’m a takeaway junkie so I spend loads every month. Using the student savings calculator I can save £20 a month just on that. Any other savings are a bonus.

  36. Cindy Haydock

    This month I saved £6.25 on eating out, £6.25 on gym, £6 on shopping, £5.65 on hair and £4.50 on my mobile. That’s £33.80 of student savings. I’m going to work it out every month now.

  37. Daniela Fielding

    Putting the actual figures in to the student savings calculator just makes me realise just how invaluable it is. These are very real savings that make a big difference every month.

  38. Jason Coulson

    Being a student it’s always tough to make ends meet. Some places say they offer student offers when they don’t. Student advantage card really does. I’ll save a minimum of £245.75 this year.

  39. Angela Flynn

    A lot of places say they offer student discount bit the amount is so small it’s hardly worth it. I save £5 a month just on my hair and my nails. That adds up to 2 free trips a year.

  40. Chris Fitzsimmons

    I didn’t think I spent enough to make this student card worthwhile. I just used the calculator and I save £33.35 every month. I’m amazed and so really glad that I got the card now.

  41. Carla McKenna

    According to the calculator I can save over £400 a year. There’s other things I’ll buy over the course of the year though as well so I know that I’ll actually get even better value from my student advantage card.

  42. Damian Ayres

    Weekends just got a whole lot cheaper. Thanks to the places offering student discount I can save £180 on different activities. Add to that when I eat out and this card really adds up.

  43. Nikki Connors

    Student Advantage card have negotiated some real savings. The calculator proves how good they are. My monthly saving – £28.35.

  44. Michael Holland

    I’ve never thought about my spending until now. I worked out how much I spend on average then put it in the student savings calculator. Per month £17.85. That’s enough for monthly gym membership if I use the offer on the card.

  45. Graham Joyce

    I’m still in 6th form college, but I’m learning to drive. I use my card as well for the odd pizza and burger at the weekend. I can save £45 a year on my food. The student discount on BSM means I can save £337 on driving lessons. My parents are paying so they’ve said I can keep the extra.

  46. Paul Newcombe

    I work part time to supplement my income so the student savings i get with my card really help out. £506.40 over 12 months. That’s pretty amazing.

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